Committee Meeting Dates

January 21, 3:30 at HGEC

First committee meeting. Topics include updating the procedural checklist, assigning tasks, updating the website, and updating the handbook.

February 7

  • Presenter updates
  • 3:30 on the Google Doc

March 11

  • Adjudication by the district’s Young Artists’ Committee- selection of work to be framed for display at the School Board Office
  • 3:30 at HGEC


  • Ordering t-shirts and art cards
  • Organizing student leaders
  • Reception planning

End of April/Early May (2020 date: April 27&28)

  • April 27, 3:30 @ The Old Courthouse Gallery: organizing the show for hanging
  • April 28 @ The Old Courthouse Gallery: hanging the show (as soon as people can get there)

Early May (2020 date: May 4)

  • Exhibition take-down
  • The Old Courthouse, 3:30 PM till it’s done

May 11

  • presentation of selected young artists to the SB