Dates for Art Contacts

The Young Artists Conference is usually at the end of May or the beginning of June. Please visit the site regularly for updates.

Throughout the Year

  • Collect artwork from students for consideration. Some schools have a special spot for their Young Artists portfolio, and they store potential pieces in it until their school’s adjudication.


  • Feb 10: Art Contacts Meeting (updated selection criteria; contact support; etc.)
  • Collect artwork until end of February
  • Feb 22-25 (the 21st is Family Day)
    • Collect, adjudicate, and mount artwork 1 week before mail goes to HGEC
    • 5 days before mail: all artwork collected 
    • 4 days before mail: adjudicate and select based on school quotas using staff committee (see Adjudication Tips
    • 3 days before mail: mount artwork (see Mounting the Work)  and work with students to submit artist statements to Google Doc (see artist statement criteria)
    • 2 days before mail: put artwork into portfolio
    • 1 day before: CELEBRATE!!! You’re ready!! 


  • Artwork due to school Art Contact by March 4th
  • March 7-11  
    • schools collect student permission slips (including media consent form) with cheques* to cover fees (*some schools cover these expenses for their young artists)
    • these must be made payable to School District 73– please do not send cheques from parents of participating students to the Arts Education Coordinator’s office
  • March 11th
    • Artwork due to the HGEC
  • March 15th (deadline): the following must be sent to the Arts Education  Coordinator at the Henry Grube Education Centre ( 


  • The 2022 reception is 4:30-6:00 p.m., May 3rd, at The Old Courthouse Gallery downtown.
  • The 2022 conference is May 4th.
  • The 2022 exhibit runs from May 3rd-8th


  • June 13: Young Artists Committee and student presentation at School Board  Meeting – includes students whose works have been selected for SBO display
 “I like to make art because I can express myself and show my creativity.” –Kaitlyn G.

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