Adjudication Tips

Adjudication Tips for Selecting your Young Artists

  1.  Take all artwork out of the YA portfolio and display around the library or staffroom
  2.  What to look for:
  • any 2-dimensional medium, any size
  • artwork may be an extension of what is learned in the classroom, may be done at home, or may be part of a lesson in class, but…
  • do not choose works that are replicas of directed art lessons (i.e. 2 paintings that look exactly the same!)
  • do not choose work that is the direct result of private lessons
  • choose a variety of media
  • look at the overall spirit, effort, emotion and subject of the piece–not just technical skill.  What moves you? Jumps out at you?  How is it meaningful?  Unique?  Creative?
  • do not send in any artwork that has been copied (or traced!) in style or subject matter, or has been altered by anyone other than the artists themselves.  We will NOT hang these works in the show
  • again, please do not send anything that is 3D; we do not have any means of displaying sculptures

 3. To begin adjudication, give staff members uni-blocks or paper scraps.  If your school can send 4 students, for example, give each staff member 4 cubes.  Have teachers circulate through the display of artwork and place their cubes on their top 4 choices.  Throughout the process of elimination (and perhaps some creative discussion…), you will end up with your entries. 
 4. Place your chosen artwork back into the portfolio.
 5. Return or hang the remainder of entries around the school. You may want to recognize students who submitted artwork by mentioning them in the announcements, newsletter, or at an assembly.
 6. Bring the portfolio with the chosen artwork inside to the Henry Grube Education Centre by the published deadline, ready to hang at the art show. It will be returned in the same portfolio to your school following the art show.

“Art is my hobby; it makes me feel good.” -Linnaya F.

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