Artist Statements

Writing an Artist’s Statement

Here are some suggestions for students in Grade 4-7 to help them write artists’ statements.  Each student selected by the staff/adjudication committee needs to have a brief paragraph (no more than 50 words) that addresses some (not all) of the following prompts. The school’s art contact will send it to the Fine Arts Coordinator electronically (

  • Student Name
  • Title of the Piece – this alone helps the viewer understand the subject or makes him/her think about the work in a different way
  • Why do you like to make art?
  • What did I do? (Describe the artwork, including the medium, subject matter, and inspiration.)
  • My artwork was inspired by whom or what?
  • What happened along the way? (Did anything interesting or unusual happen?  Did I solve any problems in the process? Did I change my approach to doing the project? etc.)
  • Did the project turn out how I expected? Why or why not?
  • What did I learn through the art project?
  • What would I do differently next time?
  • Why is this piece important to me?
  • Use the elements and principles of design to describe your work.
  • Do you know anyone else who uses this technique? medium? style? subject? 

Sample Artist Statements

To see examples written by students in previous years, download the following document:

 Sample Artist Statements.doc

The school’s Young Artists contact will submit the Artists’ Statements to the Fine Arts Coordinator on the online form below. You may choose to have the students input the statements themselves (with your assistance), or you may wish to enlist the help of the school secretary or a volunteer to enter them. These must be in the students’ words, but may have minor editing help to assist with grammar and spelling.

Submit here.

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