Mounting the Work

Checklist for Preparing Selected Young Artist Pieces

  • Artwork has been mounted properly with a 3-inch white bristol board border (measurements can be approximate); no bristol board needed for canvas works. 
  • Student information label has been placed at the back of the piece
  •  Artist’s Statement: has been submitted electronically by the deadline.  Statements are brief (no more than 50 words) write-ups that should contain the title of the piece, and some of the following information: the medium used, how the artist feels about the work, what was hard, what was easy, what he/she learned, what inspired him/her, what worked well, what could be done differently next time.  Artists use statements to reflect on the purpose, process, and product.
  • Please check the deadline for submissions, and make sure all pieces have been mounted, labeled, and sent to the Henry Grube Education Centre by this date.
  • Proper mounting materials have been used.  Please do not send in glassed/framed paintings, or use plastic or foam board to mount their work.  We are unable to hang these due to their weight.  The pieces should be light enough to be held up for several days with only sticky tack.

“I like to create and make art because it gives me a way to express myself and show what I find beautiful.” -Haily B.

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