Committee Dates

December 7th (2022), 3:30 at HGEC

First committee meeting. Topics include updating the procedural checklist, assigning tasks, updating the website, and updating the handbook.

January 11th (2023), 3:30 at HGEC

  • Revisit school numbers
  • Determine guest artists and plan how to ensure they are invited and prepped for judging
  • Roles & Responsibilities

Week of January 16th

  • posters to go out
  • YA registration package to go out (checklist, letter to parents, permission forms, registration link,, AND labels for the back of artwork)

January 25th (2023), 3:15 on Zoom

  • Artist Contact meeting
  • meeting with art contacts from each school, to go over updated selection criteria and other items as needed
  • review mounting, how to spot plagiarism, etc.
  • followed by committee session to begin lining up artist presenters

February 16 (2023), 3:30 at HGEC

  • prepping for the art contact meeting, other business (arranging presenters, organizing the conference, etc.?)

Before Spring Break: March 15th, (2023), 3:30 at HGEC 

  • Adjudication by the district’s Young Artists’ Committee- selection of work to be framed for display at the School Board Office


  • Ordering smocks and art cards
  • Organizing student leaders 
  • Reception planning


  • assigning jobs for the conference and reception

End of April/Early May (TBA) 

  • April 24th @ The Old Courthouse Gallery: hanging the show (as soon as people can get there)
  • April 25th @ The Old Courthouse Gallery: Young Artists Reception (5-7:00)
  • April 26th @ TRU: the conference (presenters and designated committee members)

End of April/Early May (TBA)

  • Exhibition take-down, May 1st
  • The Old Courthouse, till it’s done

May or June (June 19th)

  • presentation of selected young artists to the SB