Info for School Contacts

YA teacher package 2022 (without workshops)

Powerpoint presentation to share with staff

Art contacts are welcome to download the following slideshow to share with your school staff. In it, you will find information about promoting the event, collecting the artwork, criteria for selection, adjudication tips, mounting the artwork, registration, preparing students for the day, timelines, conference details, and post-conference business.

All About Young Artists 2022

Call for Submissions Poster

Each school is welcome to download and print copies of the poster to encourage student entries.

For 2022: Young Artists Poster 2022

Each SD73 elementary school should have an art portfolio in which to collect the students’ work that is to be submitted for the art show.  If your school does not have one, please contact Janet McCloy ( to have a portfolio supplied.

Art Labels 

Please print a copy of the labels to fill in and attach to the back of each art piece. It is important for adjudication and display purposes that these labels NOT be attached to the front. Separate identifying cards with artist statements will be printed and mounted next to each art piece at the exhibit by the HGEC staff. Please note that there are specific labels for your school, and the number of spaces matches your school’s quota, so extra copies should not be made.


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